A Night at the Video Club!

A Night at the Video Club!

Hi,. Yesterday I had sex with a gay in a video club. He fucked me without condom but he did not coming inside me, and he said that he had fucked with three other guys before me without condom in the same night in the same place.
Can I have been infected with HIV?


Yes, you have by several reasons subjected yourself to a high risk of getting HIV. 

He fucked you and was obviously unknown to you, and you have no good reason to trust him. His response to you shown a generally poor knowledge of STDs and a lack of respect for you and general sense of responsibility. The fact that he did not come inside you is something good (if it was true), but not safe. 

If you were sure that he was HIV positive and that he received successful treatment, and that he didn’t have other STDs, then you were subjected to no risk besides the fact that there was also a risk that he transmitted HIV or something else from the other guys, You did not only fuck unsafe with him but with four guys and the guys they also had sex with!

. But you apparently know nothing about him. You should think about your responsibility for your own health and safe sex strategy. You have to take care of yourself and be mindful about others!

For a test to be reliable you have to wait for six weeks before a laboratory can give you an answer. Only then will you know if you are infected by HIV. For a reliable result, after a test with an immediate answer, eight weeks is required after the night at the video club. There is of course nothing to prevent you from doing a test before the six/eight weeks waiting, but then you should do another test later to be sure.