The researcher Hans talks about sexual health, abuse, and the male role.

22 november, 2023 has interviewed researcher Hans Knutagård, a university lecturer in social work with over 40 years of experience in both practical and academic settings. His research focuses on various forms of social vulnerability, and he has authored five textbooks, around ten scientific publications, and approximately 50 reports and articles, most of which are available for download on his website,

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Hans Knutagård, born in Hässleholm, comes from a family background where both parents influenced his choice to study social work. His mother, a dentist, emphasized gender equality, while his father, from the working class, rejected class-based discrimination. Their values instilled in him a fundamental belief in the equal rights and worth of all individuals and an international perspective on the world.

Most of Hans’s career has been devoted to practical social work with people facing various difficulties and vulnerabilities. His curiosity about understanding people for the purpose of effecting change and helping them led him to academia and research.

For instance, after just six months as a social worker, he encountered a young man who had been sexually assaulted by another man. This experience became the subject of a study on men who had experienced sexual violence.

Hans’s curiosity has driven him to study societal issues related to sexuality. He has been actively involved in bringing attention to male victims of sexual violence, an issue that has often been overlooked or actively marginalized. Through his studies, he has highlighted the importance of making such experiences openly discussable.


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Hans has also conducted research on male sex workers, emphasizing the importance of control over one’s life in promoting sexual health. He stresses that people’s experiences and how they are treated can impact their ability to control and own their lives, affecting physical, sexual, and mental health.

Apart from his academic contributions, Hans emphasizes the significance of collaboration and cooperation. He has been involved in international contexts and networks, including those addressing issues such as inequality in health, sexuality, and social work, as well as cultural-historical activity theory.

Now in his retirement, Hans continues to contribute to the field through teaching and mentoring at Lund University. He remains active in various networks and is dedicated to raising awareness about men’s vulnerability in different areas, especially concerning sexuality, mental health, stigma, violence, and suicide. underscores the importance of everyone considering their sexual health, practicing safer sex, using condoms, and getting regular testing.

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